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Ellie - Degrassi Role Play

About Ellie

Previous Entry Ellie Aug. 4th, 2004 @ 02:44 pm
Party at Sean's... my *shudder* boyfriend. Man I still can't get over saying that. Makes me sound like I'm conforming... to normal teenage relationships. Oh gosh. Well, the party was going good. I love spending time with my bo-- Sean. Amy was getting in the way though. I can't stand her. She uses her little sex appeal to rub all over him. *Sigh* Girls. Well, I can't stay mad at her. She got alcohol poisoning. Well, I couldn't just stand there and watch her choke on her own vomit. Even if she does want my b..... my Sean. Well, the cops came. Solong parties. I didn't like them too much anyways. Got in the way of my studying. Alright... well. Sorry I haven't been updating in here a lot lately. My mom was drunk and broke the keyboard. But I'm back now.

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