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Degrassi Role Play

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All Members
How to play:
1.) join the community and tell me who you would like to be.
2.)You must choose one of the characters below (Character cannot be taken)
3.) At all times, you must be in character.
4.) *******One you have your character, you MUST put his/her name in the subject of the post(so we know who is talking).********

we're gonna start off from 'Its Raining Men' when Marco and Dylin start dating.

12th grade
Dylan Michalchuk

10th Grade
Ashley Kerwin - mestqueen16
Craig Manning
Ellie Nash - shawii_dancer
Hazel Aden
Jimmy Brooks
Marco Del Rossi- Shadowrunner233
Paige Michalchuk - claysmootch
Spinner Mason - __spinning
Terri Macgreggor

Grade 9
Emma Nelson
JT Yorke
Liberty Van Zandt
Manny Santos - xx_manny_xx
Sean Cameron
Toby Issacs
Chris Sharp

Grade 8
Kendra Mason